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RRegional Focus.             Experience.             Results.

           Focused on 


         Offering prudent

         business advice. . .

  a disciplined approach. . . 

         creating value. . .

      building relationships. . .

   exceeding expectations.                         

Why CarriageStone?


To realize the results of creating and sustaining a profitable business enterprise, we believe, as your Management Consultants, that our clients must plan for and invest in dynamic business strategies to compete in the marketplace of ideas.  We believe entrepreneurs in today's rapidly evolving business environment must embrace a multiplicity of roles by being -


(1) Strategists, who define tasks and skills required to identify, create, and implement business strategy;

(2) Organization builders, who use administrative levers, incentives, vision, and moral persuasion to influence the work environment in order to achieve outstanding performance;


(3) Controllers, who monitor expenditures, manage the value created, and control costs; and

(4) Performers, who create value by accepting the unique challenges and opportunities relating to a profit center's organization and performance and a company's ultimate financial success. 

In this period of intense market turbulence, competitive innovation, evolving regulatory frameworks, changing consumer behavior, and changing digital technologies, it is imperative that businesses have the core management and cross-functional knowledge- across topics like strategy, finance, operations, marketing and risk- it takes to succeed.  We offer expert guidance in these areas by using an analytical approach to help you set strategy, achieve operational performance improvement, and drive transformational change necessary for success in today's rapidly changing business environment.


Ideally, we seek to work with:

  • Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

  • Small businesses in these business sectors:

Health Care; Manufacturing; Distribution & Logistics; Technology; Retail; Professional Services; Government Contractors; Construction; Hospitality (Restaurants, Franchises, Hotels); and Environmental Services; and 

  • Small to Medium-sized businesses poised for Growth & Expansion.


In addition to management consulting, we can also serve as your Business Advisors, assisting your growing and expanding business with business advisory services including negotiating, structuring, and consummating transactions, assessing potential targets, joint ventures and strategic alliances, and recommending financial and strategic alternatives.  For this boutique service, ideally, we seek to work with privately-held companies in the Southeastern region of the United States that have the following business characteristics: 


  • Solid Niche Business with Identifiable Growth Potential

  • Strong Relationships with a Diverse Customer Base and Supply Chain

  • Recurring Revenue Stream

  • Competent Management Team

  • Proven Profitable Business Model 

  • Competitive Advantage Based on Product or Service Differentiation


Simply put, we "get it!"  Small businesses and their leaders have to think "outside of the box," and create new boxes, new ways of thinking about their competitive environments, their workforce, their customers, the supply chain, and how technological innovations will impact their business models.  As both consultants and advisors, we prefer a dynamic approach which emphasizes adding value by setting goals and objectives aligned with measurables and deliverables, utilizing analytical tools and a myriad of financial and operational resources, and creating a holistic corporate-growth strategy to transform your business model and drive revenue growth. 

Let's talk!

    Regional Focus.       Experience.       Results.
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